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Crowdfunding and Investor Pitches

Moth to Flame designs and launches crowdfunding and investor pitch campaigns for startups looking to raise capital. So far, we have raised almost 1 million dollars for various types of companies through crowdfunding alone. We believe a successful campaign requires streamlined messaging and a strong promotional and marketing strategy. We build in the following steps into our campaign launches.

  1. In-Depth Market and Competitor Analysis
  2. Branding & Messaging Guide
  3. Promotional content in addition to actual campaign video
  4. Social media launch strategy (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  5. Campaign Design and Launch

Featured Crowdfunding Projects

Partake Foods

Free Loader

Modern Fuel


Your customers want to get to know your company and what makes it special. Showcasing your unique voice through video is a great way to talk directly to your customers. Videos vary between documentary, interview style videos all the way to cinematic branding content. For all of our commercial videos we love to take into account areas such as:

  1. Purpose/Mission
  2. Product or Service and what problem it solves
  3. Key differentiators from other competitors
  4. Company culture and history
  5. Customer testimonials/success stories

Featured Commercial Projects

Dane’s Body Shop

Battle Bold

Green Smart Decor


From business to business, training videos, to corporate events, we work with your company to create content that will help educate your employees or build company culture. Such content can include:

  1. Training Videos
  2. Company Event Videos (Celebrate important milestones)
  3. Award Ceremony Videos

Featured Industrial Projects

Edel Golf Training Video

3S Ice Adapter B2B Industrial


Social Media Content

Creating and delivering consistent content via your company's blog, email campaigns, or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can help to engage and grow your audience. We optimize your content for these various platforms by doing the following:

  1. Subtitling and SRT captioning services
  2. Consulting in social advertising such as targeted Facebook ads and Instagram boosts.
  3. Curating content in line with SEO and promotional goals

Featured Social Media Videos

Thrifty Fit Mom

Kat Kirby Warriors

My Heart Social Campaign

MTF Creative

Art for the sake of Art

Creative Projects

Moth to Flame loves every opportunity to collaborate with other creatives. From musicians to other filmmakers, we are ready to make your vision into a reality. Creative projects include:

  1. Music Videos
  2. Narrative Shorts
  3. Narrative Features
  4. Documentary
  5. TV pilots
  6. Trailers

Featured Projects

Thrill Theory

My Heart - Ya Albi (Academy Qualified Short Film)



Videos that capture your most treasured memories as they happen.

Live Event Videos

You've spent months maybe even years planning and preparing for your important event. Let's make sure you have something to capture and remember those special moments. Live event videos can help preserve memories or attract future participants. Your content can be shared to grow an audience or repurposed to promote future events to come.

  1. Live band venues
  2. Graduation Events
  3. Company parties and conferences
  4. Festivals (Music, Food, Art, Film)
  5. Weddings

Featured Projects


Company Retreat

Branded Company Event


A picture is worth a thousand words

Photography img - Services


Moth to Flame can capture stills for any of your special events or even editorials and head shots.

  1. Event photography
  2. Editorials
  3. Headshots

Featured Photography

Editorials - Services
Headshots - Services
Events - Services