The Earth Below

The Earth Below

The Earth Below

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P19256, a young woman in a futuristic world that has eliminated men from its gene pool, struggles with her duty to become pregnant for her people. One evening, a fateful decision must be made: whether she will remain with the life she knows or escape with a mysterious lost traveler to unlock a future she dreams of.

Release Dates

Current Screenings

February 9-10, 2018

World Wide Women's Film Festival

Past Screenings

August 16-20, 2017

Austin Revolution Film Festival (Best Actress Nomination)


Elizabeth Trieu

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P19256 (Butterfly)

Elizabeth Trieu is a native TexAsian, an adventurer and activist of good vibes. She recently debuted in “#Slaughterhouse,” a witty slasher, as her role as Lisa. She has lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin, and looks forward to the release of “The Earth Below” and a couple of other shorts that are in post, In addition, she is starting production on her own piece, “An Affair For The Birds” at the beginning of 2017.

Corey Landis

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COREY LANDIS is an actor in Los Angeles. He has appeared in 11 feature films and nearly as many shorts, recurred on “That ’70s Show” as Young Red Forman, and has starred in over 100 commercials, most frequently as the spokesman. Landis is a singer-songwriter who just released an album with legendary Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick. He also co-directed the feature-length documentary “Toy Masters” about the He-Man franchise.


Christine Chen

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Director / Producer

Christine has been filming since she knew what a VHS camcorder could do. She has a B.A. from Rice University as well as a MBA from the University of Texas McCombs. In 2014, Christine’s short film A Bird’s Nest was a Top 5 Louisiana Film Prize Finalist. It will be will be available on iTunes, Amazon, ShortsHD later this year, and continue to make the festival rounds. FunEmployment, Christine’s debut feature, produced under her banner Moth to Flame Films, is also currently being submitted to festivals. The company specializes in telling stories for business owners, artists, and families. Over the past five years, their innovative approach to media and marketing assets has raised almost $200,000 in startup funding via crowdfunding. Her favorite thing to do is be on set behind the camera, but when she is not filming, she also enjoys watching movies, eating, and hanging outside.

Twitter: @cchenmtf


Eric Hwang

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Writer / Producer

Eric Hwang is an independent film producer and screenwriter from Colorado.  An avid cinephile and filmmaker since high school, he hopes his stories, like “The Earth Below”, will bring more exposure to Asian-Americans and their unique experiences into mainstream media.  He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Taylor Camarot

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Director of Photography

Taylor is a cinematographer based out of Austin TX, specializing in dramatic narrative work. His visual approach pushes what would be unconventional to the scifi genre, forgoing traditional tropes and focusing on being honest to the story. Through his process, he highlights the capacity and beauty of human emotion.

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