NYOH MAIN copy - Not Your Ordinary Hero

Not Your Ordinary Hero

Not Your Ordinary Hero

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NYOH MAIN copy - Not Your Ordinary Hero

A lonely voiceover artist struggles to find his voice in an ever changing world.

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Mike Martindale

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With over 30 years experience In theater, film and television, Mike Martindale has portrayed a variety of characters from Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, Oscar Madison in the Odd Couple, to Otto Frank, in The Diary of Anne Frank and The Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz. He is also a Voiceover Artist, working out of his own studio, providing voice to TV & radio commercials, station imaging, audiobooks & iPad apps, including the narration for the Disney/Kellogg’s app for Disney’s Storybook, found on select Kellogg’s cereal boxes.

Raylee Magill

nyoh22 - Not Your Ordinary Hero


Raylee Magill was born on April 28, 1985 in Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA. She is an actress and director, known for Premonition (2007), Incredibly Smart, Sexy, Bombshell Co-ed Named Debra (2017) and Skateland (2010).

June Griffin Garcia

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June Griffin Garcia is a constantly-working multilingual actress who has embraced a fascinating variety of strong female roles, from West Texas “High-spanic” to Mexican drug cartel boss. Her postgraduate degrees and continuing studies in literature, studio art, languages and history dovetail with her ongoing actors’ training in both English and Spanish. June has lived in several US states and Canadian provinces, as well as Italy, London, and Mexico City, is fluent in Spanish and proficient in French and Italian. Due to her varied international background, she has often been called a chameleon and has enjoyed much success booking roles in a variety of ages and ethnicities. On her recent costarring role in Dani the Ranch Hand, a reviewer was unabashed in his praise: “June Griffin Garcia is perfectly cast as Aunt Kay Garza, the personification of sexy, tough love.”

Jeff Pearson

nyoh33 - Not Your Ordinary Hero


Jeff Pearson is an actor and stuntman. He is known for his work on The Demonologist (2018), Ryker (2017) and Mississippi River Sharks (2017).

Kyle F White

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Kyle F White Is an actor born Friday, April 13 (Good Friday) in Hayward, CA. He grew up in Orange County, CA and graduated from El Toro High School. He is best known for his work in Trunkfish (2018), The Precinct (2017), and Prepper (2016). He thinks the coolest people in the world are in Whitefish, MT.

Chad Guillot

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Chad Guillot is an actor based in Dallas, Texas. He’s best known for An American Act and Saltz.


Christine Chen

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Writer, Director, Producer

Christine started filming at an early age with her parent’s VHS camera. She soon discovered it was more than a hobby when she filmed her first documentary in Lijiang, China during undergrad for Rice University.


Christine later started her production company Moth to Flame, while obtaining her MBA at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.


Her feature film, Funemployment” will be coming out in 2017 and her short film, “A Bird’s Nest,” and “Two Roads” can both be seen on ShortsTV.

Orlando Briones

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Director of Photography

Orlando Briones is an award winning cinematogapher based in Houston, Texas. He is the owner of Filmatic and has shot for Netflix and major brands.

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