Top 5 crowdfunding campaign

Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns

Moth to Flame makes a lot of crowdfunding campaigns for startups. It is fun to be able to think outside of the box and figure out what is the best way to get at people’s hearts and most importantly, their purse strings.

What makes us different from all other production companies is that we don’t simply make whatever video a client wants. We make sure that it coordinates with their overall strategy. We even provide consulting services for the running of the campaign itself, for example marketing ideas, marketing strategy, and overall campaign design.

In fact, we ran our own successful campaign! So far, we have raised over $200K for companies all over Austin. Here are our top 5 crowdfunding campaigns.

loop poop - Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns

Top 5 crowdfunding campaign

1. Loop N Poop

Because this is such a ridiculous product, it is awesome. The video was so fun to make and it is even on TV!

pencile - Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns


2. Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil

This has raised a ridiculous amount of money. We have basically helped raise 30X the original goal of $4,000. The client is extremely happy.

funemployment - Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns


3. Funemployment
This was a Moth to Flame self run campaign. We raised over 30K for our first feature film

Freeloader Child Carrier - Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns


4. The Freeloader
These guys not only raised their goal, they were asked to appear on Shark Tank and were successfully funded on the show (after they were scouted from their IndieGogo video by yours truly)

Uberpong - Top 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns


5. Uberpong
What an awesome product and also our very first crowdfunding campaign ever. This is what started it all. Uberpong creates custom ping pong paddles and is the world’s fastest growing sports community!

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